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Shoulder Pain Treatment at Physical Therapy of SA

Shoulder pain can cause difficulty in routine tasks, thus affecting your life significantly.In case of sudden damage from sports or an underlying issue that causes continuous discomfort, consult a specialist at Physical Therapy of SA. 

At Physical Therapy of SA, our team consists of seasoned physical therapists who specialize in treating shoulder pain. They will provide you tailored advice that will help you regain full motion. We empathize with your pain, and thus offer moral support care services as well as effective medical solutions designed to meet your utmost standards.You can regain confidence in your shoulder strength and mobility by taking charge of your recovery through our wide range of treatment strategies, which include practical therapy, focused exercises, and patient education. Schedule a consultation with Physical Therapy of SA today and work towards a pain-free future—free from the limitations of shoulder pain..

Understanding Shoulder Pain

The shoulder is a complicated joint, making it proneto many forms of injuries and diseases that result in pain. Here are some of the common causes:

Symptoms of Shoulder pain

Symptoms of shoulder pain might come in varying ways depending on an individual’s specific circumstances Let’s look at some of the signs and symptoms that people usually have:

Physical Therapy for Shoulder Pain Relief

When it comes to shoulder pain, physical therapy is considered a wonderful approach. In our clinic, we will evaluate the origin of your discomfort through a complete examination and then create individualized care plans for you. We may offer you a variety of treatment approaches, including:
Such methods as rubbing, movement of articular surfaces, and mobilizing muscles and soft tissues to increase flexibility, relieve pain, and encourage recovery.
These include strengthening muscles, increasing the range of motion, and stabilizing the shoulder.
In this case, techniques like ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and cold therapy are employed to decrease inflammation and manage discomfort.
Instruction that aims to improve daily activities while preventing future injuries through the adoption of the right postures and body mechanics.
Learn how pain is managed and some appropriate exercise techniques, which will enable you to take care of yourself and, thus, recover much faster.

Benefits of Physical Therapy for Shoulder Pain

For shoulder pain, physical therapy is preferable to other treatments because of the following reasons:

What to Expect During Physical Therapy for Shoulder Pain

Your first meeting with Physical Therapy of SA will include a full examination consisting of the following:
After that evaluation, your therapist will develop a treatment plan unique to you and your needs. Generally, each session is 45-60 minutes long and includes manual therapy techniques combining therapeutic exercises with patient education.
The duration between appointments for physical therapy sessions depends on the severity of your condition and how well you are doing. However, for some weeks, expect two to three sessions per week.

Why Choose Physical Therapy of SA for Shoulder Pain Treatment?

At Physical Therapy of SA, we focus on delivering top-notch services to patients suffering from shoulder pain. Here is why you should choose us: Our staff members are highly skilled physical therapists who specialize in treating shoulder pain.
There are many ways in which we differ from others:
Skilled practitioners

We have highly adept physical therapists who have the know-how to cure shoulder pain.

A focus on individualized treatment plans

Your personalized plan for combating your medical problems will be developed taking into account your personal and therapeutic objectives.

Evidence based treatment protocols

Our treatments are backed by science and incorporate some of the latest research findings.

Patient centered care

We believe in open lines of communication and collaboration during your course of therapy.

State-of-the-art equipment

Our modern machines can handle all aspects of shoulder pain management.


The length of treatment varies depending on the seriousness of the situation, individual aspects, and whether someone follows the treatment they are recommended to. Many patients’ symptoms may improve within a few weeks, but it could be some months before complete recovery.
An operation is not always necessary for shoulder pain. Physical therapy and other conservative treatments can often control symptoms and increase shoulder function. Nonetheless, surgery might also be advised for severe cases or where such interventions do not help alleviate symptoms.
When you feel any ache in your shoulder, you must consult a healthcare practitioner before continuing or changing your workout plan. Some exercises can worsen the pain, while others will work by relieving the pain and enhancing healing processes. In addition, our physical therapists will advise you on safe and effective exercises that will suit your condition.
Shoulder distress may be relieved by applying something cold or hot to it or gentle stretching, among other things that provoke shoulder disorders. Still, one should not rely on these suggestions alone but instead talk to a physiotherapy specialist who can offer individual recommendations for each case.
To prevent shoulder pain from reoccurring, it is necessary to maintain good posture, practice proper body mechanics during activities, avoid overuse or repetitive movements, and strengthen your shoulders regularly. It’s important to note that our therapists may offer you some advice regarding an active lifestyle that would help you prevent injuries while engaging in various kinds of physical activities such as running or swimming.