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Comprehensive Foot Pain Treatment At Physical Therapy Of SA

Physical Therapy of SA is an expert in providing a wide range of treatments for foot pain to assist you in restoring your mobility at our physical therapy clinic in Live Oak, Texas. When an individual is struggling with foot pain, it can become difficult to do simple activities of daily living, and the overall quality of life is compromised. Whether you have plantar fasciitis or arthritis-related problems or other issues that require podiatry medical care, our experienced physical therapists are committed to ensuring you get relief and better health.

We understand that everyone has individualized situations when it comes to podiatry issues. We provide one-on-one solutions to the problem of foot pain, correcting the source of your pain to develop an individual treatment plan that suits all your needs and desires. We are determined to help you better your foot health by offering compassionate care and state-of-the-art facilities.

Common Causes Of Foot Pain

Here are the following factors that can cause foot pain:

Treatments We Offer For Foot Pain in Live Oak

Physical Therapy of SA is committed to an all-inclusive treatment of foot pain beyond mere symptom reduction. As a priority, our aim is to understand the foundational causes of your problems in order to craft appropriate solutions that will manage your needs and goals perfectly.
Our well-experienced physical therapists carry out detailed assessments aimed at giving a comprehensive outlook on how far the extent of your foot pain has gone. By examining the root causes or contributing factors, it can be possible to develop a plan that could address the problem directly thereby leading to permanent solution and better movement.
We use massage, joint mobilization, and stretching to reduce stress, pull muscles apart, and produce conditions leading to recovery in injured foot tissues. Our competent masseurs employ mild but efficient ways of dealing with particular pain spots while restoring an optimal state.
Individualized training programs are essential for strengthening the muscles and tissues around the foot region. Stabilizing a weakened part of the foot, this helps to stabilize the whole foot and increase its overall function, hence providing better mobility that can help in future pain treatment strategies.
Ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and cryotherapy are sophisticated methods for pain relief, inflammation reduction and tissue repair. Therefore, this combined with other forms of treatment makes up a complete approach to foot pain management.
By assessing your walk or run, we may find any anomaly or disproportion in your movement that causes foot pain. This will help us choose the proper shoes for you, advise you on orthotics, and counsel you on preventing further injuries by modifying your gait into a more comfortable and relaxed one.
You must be educated about foot pain management through knowledge given to you, as well as the skills. When we educate our patients, we teach them to properly take care of their feet, control themselves, and change their behavior so that no more pain occurs in their feet.
Foot pain treatment must be approached from many dimensions. To achieve this, we rely on our practitioners, who are physicians, orthopedic surgeons, and podiatrists. This leads to an efficient healthcare system through coordinated treatment. With all these experts united in their work, your therapy plan will yield better results for you; hence, its success rate will increase.
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Your initial visit will involve discussing your medical history and symptoms with the physical therapist. Then, they will examine your foot and ankle and develop an individualized treatment plan for you.
Foot pain can improve over time, depending on the severity of your condition and how well you follow through with your prescribed treatments. Nonetheless, most individuals begin to see positive changes within a couple of weeks after starting a physical therapy program.
Yes, physical therapy can prevent future foot pain by strengthening the muscles in your feet and ankles and enhancing your balance. Physical Therapy of SA can also advise on proper shoes and stretches.
Typically, you don’t need to see a doctor before meeting with a physical therapy expert. Nevertheless, you may need to consult with your insurance company regarding this question because they might require you to be referred.