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Elbow Pain Treatment & Relief in Live Oak at Physical Therapy of SA

Elbow pain is a destructive problem that can hinder daily activities such as gripping things or playing ball. Our team of experienced therapists at Physical Therapy of SA understands the difficulties associated with elbow pain and aims to help patients with proper treatment and provide relief in our Live Oak Physical Therapy clinic. We understand how much discomfort like this can affect your life, so we have created individualized and all-encompassing treatment designs that fit your unique case.


Our specialized courses aim to heal you, relieve your pain, and restore the strength of the elbow, including its flexibility and normal functioning. Therefore, we combine advanced therapy methodologies with personal attention to help you gain control of your rehabilitation process. We are here for you when recovering from injury or managing a chronic condition; therefore, we will be there every step of the way, helping you build confidence to resume day-to-day activities without struggle.

Common Causes of Elbow Pain

The most prevalent contributor to this pain is overuse injury. Repetitive activities can strain the tendons, causing microscopic tears and swelling. These irritations present as such:

Symptoms of Elbow Pain

The manifestations of elbow pain can appear in many ways depending on the factors that cause it. Some common symptoms are:

Elbow Pain Treatment at Physical Therapy of SA

Physical Therapy of SA globalizes the elbow pain treatment in Live Oak and San Antonio for our patients. Our therapists will look seriously at it to locate where you feel pain and tailor a requisite response that fits your needs. There are several treatments we use among them:
We have professional personnel who can apply physical massages, joint mobilization, and stretching to make your muscles more flexible, reduce pain, and improve tissue regeneration around affected areas.
A mixture of different exercises will be implemented to strengthen the muscles that stabilize the elbow joint. Besides that, some stretching exercises will also be involved to enhance flexibility and range of motion.
Ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and ice or heat therapy can alleviate elbow pain and inflammation.
Bracing or taping procedures may sometimes be employed to stabilize the elbow joint while facilitating healing and preventing further injury.
We will provide you with useful information about your condition, such as the right posture, activity modification, and self-care techniques to prevent future flare-ups.
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The duration of elbow pain depends on the underlying cause and the seriousness of the injury. Most instances of excessive usage injuries are treatable within a few weeks. However, more grave situations, like fractures or arthritis, may take more time to heal.
That depends on the severity and cause of your condition. Our therapists can suggest safe exercises that do not worsen and can even facilitate recovery.
If this severe joint problem lasts longer than two weeks, feel free to make an appointment with a doctor for an examination to rule out any other medical conditions.