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Expert Physical Therapy for Hip Pain Treatment in Live Oak at Physical Therapy of SA

If you are experiencing continual hip pain, Physical Therapy of SA is here to serve as your first step into a better quality life. Our team of professional therapists share the same goal; to provide treatment through physical therapy for hip pain that eliminates discomfort and returns optimal mobility. In order to make certain you regain a healthy hip; we create personal care plans for your specific concerns at our Live Oak facility. Whether you are struggling with arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, or hip injuries, we will be sure to guide you through an individualized treatment plan.


Physical Therapy of SA analyzes the severe impact of hip pain on a person’s full engagement with life. We offer all-inclusive care to treat your symptoms and focus on your distress. Our expert medical team is here to remove limitations from your life because of your hip pain. Book an appointment today, and begin regaining control of your life.

How Do Hip Pain Doctors at Physical therapy of SA Help You?

Hip pain experts at Physical Therapy of SA are familiar with a range of hip conditions, such as arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, and injuries like sprains and strains. They use advanced methods to determine the root cause of your hip pain and create a particular treatment plan.

Our group is involved in the care of a patient as a whole by taking into account the physical symptoms and the effects of hip pain on your overall well-being. In this way, we aim to decrease pain and enhance mobility through manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, and other evidence-based techniques so that you can easily perform everyday tasks.

Hip Pain Treatment We Offer at Our Live Oak Location

Physical Therapy of SA provides a wide range of treatments carefully designed to relieve hip pain and address its causes. Here we will take a closer look at the various services offered:
During manual physical therapy for hip pain treatment, our skilled therapists use precise, hands-on techniques to move stiff joints, reduce muscle tightness, and increase the movement range in the hip joint. We use small movements and direct pressure to try to restore your prior mechanics and decrease pain.
Our therapeutic exercise programs are tailored according to your needs and directed towards increasing the strength of hip girdle muscles, enhancing stability as well as improving functional movements. These exercises focus on building strength and flexibility that facilitate rehabilitation.
These modalities comprise ultrasound, electric stimulation, heat/cold therapy to assist us in reducing pain or inflammation of the hip joint. By using advanced technology, we expedite the healing process and improve your overall comfort during this stay.
Our philosophy is based on empowerment through knowledge. We provide a comprehensive education that emphasizes proper body mechanics and ergonomics to prevent yourself from experiencing hip pain or injuries by helping you create awareness and cultivate good habits for a lifetime of wellness.
At Physical Therapy of SA, we are committed to being present throughout your complete recovery process. A tailored home exercise program comprising various exercises and strategies are specifically handpicked to match your in-clinic treatment. This makes you more involved in the rehabilitation process by encouraging continuation and self-reliance.
For individuals in search of a mild but efficient means of treatment, we offer aquatic therapy. This low-impact exercise method uses water’s therapeutic attributes to increase strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness while reducing stress on the hip joint. Our specially designed sessions on aquatic therapy will plunge you into an environment of healing and rejuvenation.

What to Consider Before or After the Hip Pain Treatment?

Here are some things to think about before you start Physical Therapy of SA’s hip pain treatment:

Medical History

Remember to give your therapist a complete medical history, including past accidents, operations, or any illness that might affect your hip health.

Goals and Expectations

Let your therapist know your goals and expectations for the treatment so that they align with what you want.

Consistency and Adherence

Your physical therapist will require consistency for optimal treatment results. Make sure to attend therapy appointments regularly and comply with all the recommendations given by your therapist regarding home exercises, self-care, etc.

Perseverance and Steadfastness

Healing from hip pain may not be instant but may take some time. Be patient as you go through rehabilitation and accept that slow progress is often better in the long run.

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The period of progress varies depending on the seriousness of the condition, your follow-up on the treatment regimen, and other individual circumstances. Some patients experience a remarkable improvement within several weeks of starting therapy; however, further improvement may be visible only after months have passed.
Most health coverage covers physical therapy services provided to treat hip pain or related problems. Our office will take the initiative in determining whether your insurer can cover this bill or any other reimbursement question you might ask.
Your therapist will advise what activities you should limit or modify based on your specific situation and treatment plan. In general, try to avoid activities that make your hip pain worse or strain the joint; however, some low-impact exercises may be continued with some modifications.
Once you have finished treating your hip pain, your therapist will teach you how to prevent its recurrence through continuous exercise and stretching routines, ergonomic changes, and daily habits for healthy hips.